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Spring 2014 Gospel Meeting Sermons

The Spring Gospel meeting was held April 27 - 2 May 2014 with Kent Heaton.  Below are the recorded sermons and Power Point Presentations.



 Power Point 
 What Is Right? Apr 27 AM N/A Click Here
 What Can I Learn From Ancient China? Apr 27 AM N/A Click Here
 What Is Heaven Like? Apr 27 PM  Click Here Click Here
 What Is Truth? Apr 28 PM Click Here Click Here
 What Is Freedom? Apr 29 PMClick Here Click Here
 What Can I Do In My Older Age? Apr 30 PM Click Here Click Here
 What Must I Do To Be Saved? May 1 PM Click Here Click Here
 What Will I Do At The Cross Of Jesus? May 2 PM Click here Click Here